Dr. Robert Kushner

Healthy Weight Loss Solutions that Fit Your Lifestyle

Robert Kushner, MD

The Power of Healthy Living: It's Never Too Late!

Dr. Kushner believes in the power of lifestyle to improve health and body weight. With a background in nutrition and behavior change, he has dedicated his career to personalizing weight loss diet and treatment plans to meet the needs of each person. Dr. Kushner is the pioneer of the Lifestyle Patterns approach to losing weight – which he continues to study, publish on and further develop.

Dr. Kushner's personalized approach to losing weight is in sharp contrast to the one-size-fits-all diets that offer everyone the same weight loss diet plan. Dr. Kushner learned long ago that losing weight is not about everyone else; it’s about you.

"You go on a diet but since restrictive diets are hard to keep up, eventually you go off the diet. With time, your old habits or patterns of behavior that feel familiar and comfortable creep back into your life. I have been studying these “ default” behavior patterns of dieters for most of my career and through my latest research, I discovered that these behavior patterns cluster into 6 lifestyle pattern factors that end up being major barriers to successful weight control. I also developed and scientifically validated a 10-minute, 6-Factor Quiz to help you quickly identify yours. These factors have to do with how you live your life, your relationship with food, exercise, your mindset and emotions. The 6 factors I identified (Convenient Diner, Fast Pacer, Easily-Enticed Eater, Exercise Struggler, Self-Critic and All-or-Nothing Doer) form the foundation of a new book I am writing and a new article recently published (see link below)."